"Our guest this week is Eleanor Costello – writer, blogger and photographer of doors, amongst other things. In 2003 she started an Instagram account documenting the many colourful doors of Dublin, which has become well-followed. Like all sane people, Eleanor is a huge fan of cheese and she joins Ben & Liam this week to discuss their first successes, various Johns and to play Getting To Know You."

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Conversation Hat Podcast
Season 3 Episode 5
May 2018

"But of course, I'm not the only one who has fallen in love with Dublin doors, and there is an Instagram account to prove it. The aptly titled @thedoorsofdublin has more than 28,000 followers, and growing. Curated by Eleanor Costello, locals and tourists alike use the hashtag #thedoorsofdublin to share their favourite door." 

'Add Kerb Appeal' by Nathalie Marquez Courtney
Sunday Independent
February 2018

"These are the doors of Dublin, the simple and beautiful entryways found around the Irish capital. Images of the city’s doors are curated and compiled by Eleanor Costello, a photographer who was born and raised in Dublin"

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Passion Passport
February 2018 

"You might not take the time to notice them as often as you should, but Dublin is full of gorgeous doors

Here are some of our favourites, curated by @thedoorsofdublin on Instagram."

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Dublin Live
March 2017

"One of our all-time favourite Dublin-based Instagram accounts has to be @thedoorsofdublin – an account dedicated to all of Dublin's wonderful doors!

It might sound a bit bizarre... but have you ever strolled around this city, seen a door and just thought, "damn, that's one hell of a door". 

Well, Eleanor Costello was clearly thinking something along the same lines when she started the account which now has well over 20,000 followers."

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"Even over on Instagram, one of the hardest channels to crack for non-visual and small businesses, there are examples of entrepreneurs thinking outside the box to grow massive audiences. Like the “Doors of Dublin” account which sits just shy of 20,000 followers. Started by Writer Eleanor Costello who, in lieu of any visual products of her own, went out and used someone else’s."

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