Hello, I'm Eleanor. 

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, 26 years ago. I studied the History of Art & Architecture and Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. I've worked in retail, for magazines, in museums and have been an intern more times than I'd have liked. I'm now in Cambridge, UK after living in Boston for a year.

In 2013 I started an Instagram account to share photos of the colourful doors of Dublin. Apparently over 28,000 people think this is a good idea. Through this account I've met some beautiful, brilliant people and joined the amazing Instagram community. Liking doors isn't a particularly big part of my personality but I guess it's worth the mention... it's in my 'About Me' page but it's definitely about doors.

#FunFacts: I am a big fan of cheese, Beyonce and dogs. I laugh out loud at podcasts on public transport. I have never broken a bone yet I am casually clumsy and trip on flat surfaces daily. I enjoy solo cinema trips a little too much. My siblings are my best friends. I'm adamant that strawberries are overrated and nothing can beat a really good, hard pear. I prefer quiet music to loud music. Sometimes I worry that I've got a bad sense of smell. 

With all that said, if you have any burning questions for me, please do not hesitate to tweet me @eleanorcos. Looking forward to oversharing. 



The upper left photo of me smiling like a dork was taken by my lovely friend Ben who has more talent and passion in his little finger than I have in my whole entire body.